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Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1898

Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1898



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Old Tower Collection. Believed to have been captured during the First World War.

Physical Description

Receiver of one-piece 'solid-bridge' type. Standard Mauser pattern dismantling catch on rear left side of receiver body. The bolt is fitted with a non-rotating extractor, formed from a single piece of sheet steel. Internal magazine with a capacity of 5 rounds. Stocked in one piece with a finger groove. Wooden handguard running from just ahead of the backsight to a short way in front of the barrel band; this is retained in place by a leaf-spring. Marking disc or dismantling washer appears on side of butt. Bayonet bar is attached to an integral nose-piece which is clamped to the stock fore-end by a barrel band, this is retained in place by a leaf spring. A half length cleaning rod found beneath the muzzle, now missing. Barrel is rifled with four grooves. Backsight is a Lange pattern tangent sight. Foresight is an unprotected barleycorn. The serial number is found in full on the breech, barrel, magazine plate and underside of butt. A partial serial number consisting of the last two digits appears on the dismantling catch, magazine floor plate and magazine plate. Damage: The butt is badly cracked below the receiver. Missing: The bolt and rear sling swivel


BarrelLength29.1 in.
BarrelLength740 mm


Serial Number 1929


7.92 mm Mauser (7.92 x 57 mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

J.P.SAUER & SOHN over SUHL over 1917 and GEW 98receiver



See J.Walter, 'The German Rifle', The Arms and Armour Press, 1979