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Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1898

Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1898



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Old Tower Collection . Believed to have been captured during the First World War

Physical Description

Receiver of one-piece 'solid-bridge' type. Standard Mauser pattern dismantling catch on rear left side of receiver body. The bolt is fitted with a non-rotating extractor, formed from a single piece of sheet steel. The bolt is bored out from the rear to accept the striker and the mainspring assembly. The cocking piece is attached to the striker, which runs into the bolt body through the cocking piece guide or bolt plug. Safety catch with partial serial 97. Internal magazine with a capacity of 5 rounds. Stocked in one piece with a finger groove. Wooden handguard running from just ahead of the backsight to a short way in front of the barrel band, this is retained in place by a leaf-spring. A dismantling washer appears on the side of the butt. Bayonet bar is attached to an integral nose-piece which is clamped to the stock fore-end by a barrel band; this is retained in place by a leaf spring. A half length cleaning rod found beneath the muzzle, now missing. Barrel is rifled with four grooves. Backsight is a Lange pattern tangent sight. Foresight is an unprotected barleycorn. The serial number is found in full on the breech, barrel, magazine plate, bolt lever, butt plate, bolt guide, and underside of butt. A partial serial number consisting of the last two digits appears on the dismantling catch, magazine floor plate and magazine plate. Damage: Cracked butt. Lower sling-swivel is missing.




Serial Number 9897


7.92 mm Mauser (7.92 x 57 mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

Crown over Erfurt over 1916 and GEW 98receiver



See J.Walter, 'The German Rifle', The Arms and Armour Press, 1979