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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Physical Description

Steel hilt consisting of a straight stirrup guard with rectangular sword knot slot towards pommel, broadening to form a pear-shaped plate around the blade with disc finial towards the rear. The edge of the plate is inclined slightly towards the grip with border decoration of eight pierced holes. A large diamond-shaped reinforce is riveted to the plate around the blade towards the grip, supporting a pair of long langets of semi-circular section, which pass through the plate and extend over the blade. Domed pommel in one with the plain back-piece, the ears of the latter being secured by a single rivet passing through the grip. Worm-bellied wooden grip, bound with cord and covered with leather with plain steel ferrule towards the blade.
Broad, straight, single-edged blade terminating in hatchet point with minimal ricasso and broad shallow fuller towards the back extending for 27 ½ ins from the hilt. Leather buff piece in place. Blade stuck (outside) with a crowned four (back) I GILL. Cutting edge is nicked.
Accompanied by a steel scabbard, lined with wood, with two raised bands and loose suspension rings with a minimal asymmetrical show and removable mouthpiece. Stamped WOOLLEY/DEAKIN/DUTTON & JOHNSON.


OverallDepth118 mm
OverallWidth142 mm
BladeLength879 mm
ScabbardLength917 mm
ScabbardWeight1.14 kg
SwordWeight1.16 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Proof Mark
crowned four


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

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