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Rimfire self-loading magazine rifle - Browning's Patent

Rimfire self-loading magazine rifle - Browning's Patent



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Presented by Bedfordshire Police. no. 90/8. 01 11 1991

Physical Description

Blow-back operated mechanism that is housed in a blued machined reciever with slide slots on top for scope. Stocked in walnut with 18 lines to the inch checkering on the semi-pistol grip and fore-end. The stock contains the tubular magazine, with a capacity of 11 cartridges, that is loade through a port on the right side of the butt. The barrel is blued and has a bead foresight and a simple leaf backsight. Stamped on the barrel is: FABRIQUE NATIONALE D'ARMES DE GUERRE HERSTAL BELGIQUE. BROWNING'S PATENT DEPOSE Mounted on the muzzle is a sound moderator made by Parker Hale


OverallLength1098 mm
OverallLength940 mm
BarrelLength483 mm


Serial Number 75522


.22 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on the block are the standard Liege proof marks


Places Belgium