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Libellus Varias Coenotaphiorum, By J. Vredemann De Vries

Libellus Varias Coenotaphiorum, By J. Vredemann De Vries



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From the library of Sir James Mann, Master of the Armouries, 1939-1962, in 1982. The bookplate of William Stirling Maxwell pasted on the front cover.

Physical Description

Fifty-six engravings of designs for tombs and memorials, of which 54 are pairs, an original and a later state of the same print; the last two are unique designs. The first titlepage reads: 'Hieronimus Cock Excudebat. 'Pictores, Statuarii, Architecti, Latomi, et quicunque principum Magnificorumque virorum memoriae aeternae inservitis, adeste: & hunc libellum varias Coenotaphiorum, tumulorum & mortuorum monumentorum formas typies elegantissimus in aere exaratas comprehendentem inspicitote, emite, utimini & ingeniosae manui Ioanni Vredemanni Frisii, quae has excogitavit & liberalitati Hieronimi Cock, cuius impensis haec vobis exhibentur. Bene favete. Valete. 1563.', all within an elaborate strapwork cartouche. The second titlepage, which is in fact a re-engraving, reads 'Philippus Gallaeus excudebat' 'Pictores, Statuarii, Architecti, Latome, et quicunque principum magnificorumq. virorum memoriae aeternae inservitis, adeste: et hunc libellum varias Coenotaphiorum, tumulorum, et mortuorum monumentorum formas typis elegantissimis in aere exaratas comprehendentem inspicite, emite, utimini: et ingeniosae manui Ioannis Vredemanni, qui has excogitavit, bene favete et valete.' No date.
The next pairs of prints, numbered 2-27, are taken from the same plates, the signature 'H. Cock excud.' being erased in every case, but not replaced.
The last two plates are unsigned.


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