Object Title

Percussion pistol

Percussion pistol



Object Number



Bequeathed by J.B.P. Young, 1980

Physical Description

Boxlock action with central hammer, pivoted on one steel screw, screwed from left side of frame into right side of frame, straight trigger pivoted on one pin fixed through the frame, action has half and full cock positions, and can be accessed by removal of left sideplate. Top plate fixed with one countersunk screw at the rear and two semi cheese head screws at the front. Trigger guard grooved at the front, and is the sliding lock for the spring loaded bayonet, the bayonet has a blade 2 1/8in long pivoted under the barrel and locked in place by a spring loaded stud, this locks in a tang that has a drilled hole on the right side. The stock is walnut, and chequered on both sides with two cheeks at the frame end, and curved at the butt. The barrel is octagonal with a raised nipple bolster at the rear, the nipple has two flat sides for the nipple key.


Dimensions: Barrel 3.75in, O/A 8.25in


Serial Number 4071


12 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Liege mark in circle; rear tang of trigger guard 4071 and underside of barrel D. Leaf engraved on both sides of the frame and the top plate tang, a star engraved under trigger guard. Some colour case hardening remains.


Places Belgium