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Flintlock breech-loading pistol

Flintlock breech-loading pistol


about 1730-70

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Purchased at auction, Christies, 19th December 1979, lot 255. Formerly in the collection of Mr. Clifford Norton and on loan to the Armouries (AL35).

Physical Description

The miquelet lock is of the form associated with Ripoll, a Catalan town in Spain and in the decorative style of around 1700. This is borne out by the good quality foliate and animal decoration on the lock. The design of the lock is in the classical miquelet manner with external main spring and squared-off cock jaw plates. The significant difference with this lock is that the steel is rounded and the face is smooth. The lock plate itself is quite plain.
The stock is in the English style of around 1730. It terminates 0.75 inch in front of the lock plate. The decoration consists of a silver side plate nailed to the stock and decorated with foliate motifs, a trigger plate decorated with decorative border, a silvered butt cap with long langets once again with simple line decoration.
The triggerguard is attached to a screw-plug of the La Chaumette or Ferguson type in which one turn opens the breech, and is obviously a replacement with very crude line engraving.
The barrel is of the cannon barrel type being round with a muzzle moulding and three other mouldings


BarrelLength254 mm
OverallLength463 mm


Serial Number None visible


.55 in

Inscriptions and Marks

On the breech: ODAL LEMED


Places Spain


The gunmaker has not been identified, but Odal may be a phonetic rendering of 'Eudal' the patron of Ripoll.
Valued with XII.4856 as a pair.