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Sword - Two-handed sword

Sword - Two-handed sword



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Displayed in the Small Armoury with ix.11, the swords were described as "The sword of Justice (having a sharp point) the sword of Mercy (having a blunt point) carried before the pretender when proclaimed in Scotland in 1715'. Confirms to the weapon illustrated by Hamilton from Skinner's "London and Westminster, 1795.

Physical Description

The cruciform hilt of this two-handed sword has a substantial ovoid pommel of 'vase-shape' form (narrowing towards vestigial stand) wth tang-button, which vewed from above,is seen not to be symmetrical, and has a slightly flattened vertical band on either side of the tang-button running towards the grip corresponding with the edge of the blade (50 mm widening to 100 mm at the shoulder of the 'vase-shape'). IThe hilt has a modern two-strand wire-bound grip which swells towards its mid-section. The straight quillons bear spatulate terminals, their braodest face at right angles to the plane of the blade. The quillons have a pronounced medial ridge and swell towards the ends terminating in a blunted, broad point.
The underside of the quillon block has a longer slightly wider aperture than the width of the blade.Possible repair 40 mm from the guard ( on the 'Me Fecit'face of the blade). There is some movement of the cross-guard around the blade, but generally the blade appears well seated.
The broad, flat two-edged blade bears a slight chamfer along its edges with a slightly tapered rounded tip. A broad shallow fuller rises 150 mm from the cross-guard and extends for 135 mm along both faces of the blade. The fullers are etched with, on one face, the place ('ME FECIT WiiRA') and on the other, the presumed date of manufacture ('ANNO: 1-6--5-7'). A deeply struck maker's mark lies at the end of the fuller on both faces.
The blade has a 80 mm long x 50 mm wide repair some 235 mm from its tip. On the face bearing the date, the repair has split slightly and there is evidence of a rivet 55 mm away from the edge towards the blade-tip securing a second split.





BladeLength1000 mm
BladeWidth65 mm
OverallLength1290 mm
OverallWeight2360 g
Cross guardLength270 mm
Cross guardWidth30 mm
HiltLength290 mm
HiltWidth55 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's mark
Helmeted head, in profile, with wide collar at shoulder includin, the helmet plumed (with lower roped edge/hair?). This is the stamp of Vira bruk an arms factory in Sweden. Stamp has split image in striking - 'WiiRA' side - face under helmet has cracked from nose to back of helmet, with shallower crack at right angles, effectively quartering the image. 'ANNO: 1-6-5-7' side - face has cracked from nose to helmet.
At end of fuller.
On one face: MEFECIT WiiRA'. On other face 'ANNO: 1-6-5--7'.
In shallow fuller of blade
One face: .ME .FECIT.WIIRA Other face: ANNO (line of 3 vertical dots)
Along fuller
Letters and figures formed from straight lines with punched semi-circular terminals