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Rimfire seven-shot revolver - Tranter type, Pocket Model

Rimfire seven-shot revolver - Tranter type, Pocket Model



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Presented by Hampshire Police, (Firearms Office). 10th October 1991

Physical Description

Brass framed with blued barrel, hammer and loading gate. The cylinder is steel. Two piece wooden grip. Loading gate on the right side. No trigger guard. Engraved on top of the barrel is: J. RIGBY & SON. DUBLIN.
The case is of walnut and is lined with blue baize. Inset into the lid is a brass shield


Dimensions: Pistol: Overall length: 6.25 in (160 mm), Barrel length: 2.5 in (63 mm), Case: Length: 7.25 in (185 mm), Width: 4.5 in (117 mm), Height: 2.8 in (47 mm) Weight: 10.25 oz. (0.3 kg): Case 13.75 oz (0.39 kg)


Serial Number 6525


.32 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on the left side of the frame is TRANTER'S PATENT, 6525, on the front of the frame is W.T. The cylinder is stamped with Birmingham view marks


Places Britain