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1.8 in gun

1.8 in gun



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

These small very similar guns were probably intended for swivel mountings. The barrels are smooth and plain having no mouldings, and the trunnions are long and considerably tapered towards the ends. The breech of XIX.179 is stepped down to a socket for a traversing lever. This socket has been pierced for a pin to retain the lever in place and has been reduced in length by breakage. The vent is drilled in an iron bush. At some period the breech of XIX.290 has been blown off and has been closed with an iron plug sealed with lead. Each barrel is engraved on the upper surface with an inscription in Chinese characters: 'While he was awaiting appointment to office, Tai Tan-hsiang the prefect of Chang Te-fu paid for the manufacture [of the gun]. It eats ball of five liang and powder of three liang and five [ch'ien].' The engraving appears to have been filled with a red mastic. Both guns are incised near the breech with a mark probably intended for a Broad Arrow


Dimensions: Length: 34 in (86.4cm), Overall length: 37 in (94cm)


1.8 in (4.6 cm)


Places China

Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976., No.209, p.156.


Two similar guns are in the Rotunda Museum, Woolwich, Nos.II. 238, 239.