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2 in gun

2 in gun



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This gun is described in the 1859 Inventory, P.137, XIX.80, as 'probably from Hindostan'.

Physical Description

The trunnions are part of a separate, shrunk-on band. The muzzle is of lotus form, the muzzle ring being a raised band set with a strip of brass on its upper surface. The reinforce ring and the base ring are also set with similar strips. The base ring carries a back sight but the fore sight is missing from the muzzle. The chase and reinforce are engraved with a narrow strip of arcaded design running down the entire length on either side. The whole gun is evenly covered with fine rust-pitting


Dimensions: Length: 45.5 in (115.6 cm), Overall length: 51 in (129.5 cm)


Serial Number None visible


2 in _ (5 cm)


Places India

Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976., No.221, p.161.