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Bowyer Tower AF 12 (1988). This should be a backplate from Malta, Dillon III.200, Hewitt III.98. Transferred from III.408

Physical Description

Comprising a main plate with three upward overlapping lames below. The lowest having an even flange. Plain inward turns bordered by brass rivets. At either shoulder is a mushroom-headed stud, the left one retains its brass cap, for the straps. Blued. Previous entry from III.408: 'Composed of four articulated plates the uppermost is deeper than the others, the lowest is turned outwards in a narrow flange. The plates are joined by sliding rivets which, like the lining rivets have deep brass-capped heads.'. Previous nationality: probably Swiss.


Dimensions: Height: 40.4 cm ( 16.9 in), Width: 35.0 cm ( 13.7 in) Weight: 2.82 kg ( 6 lb 3.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks




Formerly painted black, removed in January 1991 by the Conservation Department of the Royal Armouries.For earlier previous locations see also III.408 from which it was transferred. This was accessioned in 1987 after being found in stores. The association with III.408 was established during Audit project in 2002 and this object matches the description given for III.408 which was listed as missing but was not disposed of. Hewitt and Dillon have for the backplate 'backplate with stripes of trophy work, from Malta'.