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57 mm anti-aircraft gun - Model S - 60

57 mm anti-aircraft gun - Model S - 60



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Acquired through the Ministry of Defence from southern Iraq.

Physical Description

The carriage when deployed, is mounted on four screw jacks which raise the four road wheels of the gun off the ground. Ammunition is fed horizontally through the breech in four round clips


Dimensions: Length: 8.50 m, Width: 2.054 m, Height: 2.37 m Weight: 4660kg


57 mm


Places Soviet Union


The S60 anti aircraft gun is one of the weapons stockpiled by the Warsaw Pact countries for use in a conventional war. Ground-to-air missiles have largely replaced anti-aircraft artillery. Whilst efficient, missiles are 'high tech' and expensive but because of their cheapness and reliability guns such as this S60 can help provide a cost-effective air defence. The S60 although a 1950s design has been regularly updated and improved with different sighting arrangements and computing radar. Often this and other types of weapon were often sold to another country as a 'value engineered' item. In other words, the refinements that would standard for the Soviet Army were not fitted. This weapon was part of the Iraqi air defence during 'Operation Desert Storm' in 1991. Captured by British forces it was presented to the Royal Armouries in September 1991