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Found un-numbered in (? New Armouries Attic) stores, c. 1988.

Physical Description

The head has an octagonal-sectioned socket with a separate cap-piece. On either side of the socket is a tapered, rectangular block from which issues, on one side, the blade, with narrow neck and crescentic cutting edge, and on the other side, a blunt fluke, of ocatgonal section, and expanding slightly towards its flat end. The two langets are not joined to the socket, but pass up inside it and are joined to the underside of the cap-piece, thus securing the head firmly to the haft. The langets are secured to the haft by three screws or bolts which have slotted heads at one end and are hammered flat like rivets at the other.
The oval-sectioned, wooden haft has been painted red. The end of the haft has been recessed to receive a cylindrical, flat-ended, brass protector, which is secured by a single screw.
Condition: on registration: generally good/fair. Paint on haft extensively chipped and worn; the whole needs a surface clean.


OverallLength878 mm
OverallWeight3.8 kg
HeadWidth342 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

On one face of the haft, near the head and between the langets, crudely incised: an iscosoles triangle with a line down its axis.


Places France

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