Object Title

Pikeman's gorget

Pikeman's gorget



Object Number



Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Lanthorn Tower, Room 3, 1986. Associated with the armour III.2276-80 and IV.998.

Physical Description

Composed of a front and an associated rear plate. The front plate has a raised neck and is slightly rounded. The lower edges descend in a gentle curve from either side to a rounded central point. The rear plate has a raised neck, and almost straight lower edges meeting in a shallow point. The main edges have plain inward turns, bordered on the rear plate by single incised lines, and on the front with sunken borders. The plates are articulated at the left by a modern rivet, and fastened at the right by a mushroom headed stud at the rear is a modern strap for the attachment of pauldrons. The front plate has a braised repair at the right rear edge , a riveted repair at the rear left, and a crack beside the neck at the left. The rear plate has extra rivet holes at either front edge.


Dimensions: Height 137 mm (5.4 in.), width 274 mm (10.8 in.), depth 260 mm (10.2 in.)

Inscriptions and Marks

The front plate is stamped inside with an assembly number V and nine wedge-shaped marks. The rear plate has two wedge shaped marks inside.