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First registered on return from Dept of Environment, Historic (Loan L105), 12/09/1991.

Physical Description

Brass hilt consisting of stirrup-guard; tapered rear quillon with disc finial inclined towards the blade; back-piece made in one with the beaked pommel. Ribbed wooden grip shaped to the hand, covered with leather and with a brass ferrule towards the blade. Curved, single-edged blade, with a narrow fuller near the back extending from the hilt for approx. three quarters of the length of blade.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: Rear quillon is bent sharply towards blade, but this may be a standard variation for this Type (cf IX.3702). Grip leather extensively worn and wood of grip has shrunk away from back-piece. Extensive patches of rusting of blade.

Inscriptions and Marks

No visible marks.


Places Britain


For general information on swords of this 'pattern' and for other examples in the Royal Armouries and elsewhere, see Notes in entry for IX.3702.