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Falling buffe

Falling buffe



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Comprises a chin plate IV.339, a restored middle plate and a prow-shaped upper plate (IV.350), a restored middle gorget plate and an original lower gorget plate (IV. 351). The main edges have plain inward turns with recessed borders, on the gorget plate containing modern iron lining rivets with a modern buff leather lining band. The subsidiary edges are bordered with double incised lines. The gorget plates are articulated by modern rivets at either side and a modern medial leather. The chin plate and the restored lame above it have sprung studs holding the plates in the raised or lowered position. The chin plate is fitted at either end with restored hinged hasps with integral swivel hooks, for attachment to the pierced studs on the burgonet. Below these are rectangular slots to engage the lugs on the burgonet. The exterior is bright and patinated. At the centre of the flange of the chin plate is a riveted repair.


Dimensions: Assembled: height: 285 mm; width: 285 mm Weight: 1515 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks



The fit of the plates together, and to the burgonet II.40 A (not IV.350 as per Dufty and Reid) is such that they could well have belonged together in life, though the restorations, carried out in 1978 by Ted Smith and Ian Eaves, are so extensive that it is impossible to be certain.