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18 pr gun - Gribeauval Pattern

18 pr gun - Gribeauval Pattern



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On loan to The Royal Citadel, Plymouth, Devon. (L93) (1991). By statue of George II. Old Tower Collection.

Physical Description

The gun, of Gribeauval design, has plain dolphins. The first reinforce is engraved with the crowned cypher of Louis XVI, and the base-ring is inscribed A.STRASBOURG. LE. 3. JUILLET. 1778. PAR.J. DE. DARTEIN ECUYER. ECOMMISSRE. GENERAL. DES. FONTES. DE. L'ART. The left trunnion is incised No.161 and the right P over 4062, for the weight. The touch-hole has a priming trough. The gun suffered in the burning of the Grand Storehouse in 1841, the muzzle and the last third of the chase being bent downwards in a curve. (Now corrected, 1991)


Dimensions: Length: 123 in (10 ft 3 in) (312.4 cm), Overall length: 133 in (11 ft 1 in) (337.8 cm) Weight: 39 cwt 21 lb


Serial Number 161


5.2 in _ (13.2 cm)

Inscriptions and Marks

Left trunnion incised No.161. Right trunnion P over 4062.


Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976, p.121.


'Jean-Baptiste Dartein'
Strasbourg, Toulon, Rochefort; 1719-1781.
Son of Pierre Dartein. Assistant to Maritz when the latter became 'Commissaire des Fontes' at Strasbourg in 1740 and was in charge during his absence at Douai and Lyons. He was himself in charge of the foundry at Toulon in 1744 and in 1759 succeeded Maritz at Rochefort and Ruelle taking over from him at Strasbourg in 1763. In 1773 he was ennobled and after this date his name often appears as de Dartein sometimes with the addition of 'ecuyer' [esquire]. In 1780 he received the order f 'Saint Michel' and was given the title of Count by the Papacy together with the order of the Golden Spur. During his period of office at Strasbourg, the foundry produced some 4,000 guns for the French government in addition to foreign orders.
'General Jean-Baptist Vaquette de Gribeauval', 1715-89; appointed Chief Inspector of Artillery in 1776, redisigned the French artillery, the 'Systeme Gribeauval' being adopted in principle in 1765 and definately in 1774.
Jean-Baptiste de Dartein, 1719-81, was Commissaire des Fontes at Strasbourg Arsenal from 1760-81.