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Seal rings

Seal rings



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Purchased from Andrew Lumley 19 June 1989.

Physical Description

Brass ring with ten round seals radiating out on its circumfrence. Each seal has in mirror the words SHOT ON THE and then a date in sequence, starting at the 11th. and ending with the 20th. In the centre of the seal is a crowned J in mirror. The style of crown indicates that this ring belonged to a Baron. Around one side of the ring are numbers in script from eleven to twenty.


Dimensions: Diameter of ring: 2.25 in. (5.8 cm.), Diameter of seal: 0.75 in. ( 2 cm.), Diameter of ring and seals: 3.4 in. ( 8.5 cm.)


Places England


There was probably a third ring that is now missing, which would have been marked from 21 to 30.