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About 1680

Object Number



Old Tower stock, sent on loan 184 to south Africa in 1920 and returned to the Armouries on 15/7/91

Physical Description

It has a semi-circular neck-opening, rounded arm-openings and a semi-tubular body with a narrow flange at the waist. The edges are bordered by sixteen pairs of lining holes. At either side of the chest near the arm-openings is a mushroom-headed stud for the attachment of the shoulder strap.

On the flange, one lining hole on the second pair from the left has broken out to the lower edge. There is a small dent on the right of the flange edge.

It is painted black.


Dimensions: Max. Height: 48.1 cm (19 in), Max. Width: 33.8 cm (13.3 in) Weight: 4.37 kg (9 lb 10 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Near the inside right rear edge is painted in white paint: L65/882. Near the inside left rear edge is painted in red paint: L65/883b. At inside lower centre is painted in white, crossed through in faded red: 3297 and below, in yellow paint: B Across the inside centre is written in faded cream (?) paint: Trooper's Rude Breastplate 16th Ceny (followed by a short wavy line)


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