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Old Tower Collection.

Physical Description

It is made in one piece, circular, and embossed forward in a smooth curve to the central lance hole. The edges are roped. Etched and gilt decoration incorporating roses and lover's knots and bands of strapwork. The vamplate was at one time completely regilded, perhaps for a pageant in the seventeeth or eighteenth century. Some of this gilding was removed in the late 20th century to make its appearance more like its original state.


OverallHeight138 mm
OverallWeight910 g

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Bibliographic References

Probably from an armour made for Sir Christopher Hatton, recorded in the Jacobe Album, Victoria and Albert Museum.

C. Paggiarino, The Royal Armouries, masterpieces of medieval and renaissance arms and armour, Milan, 2011 volume 2


The Jacob Album (Victoria and Albert Museum no. D.607.94) illustrates the field armour and extra pieces for tilt and tourney for which this was made as the second of the three armours intended for 'Sir Cristofer Hattone'. The fact that Hatton is not styled Lord Chancellor, which office he took up in 1587, and that his arms which embellish the half shaffron on the page of extra pieces, do not include the garter which he received in the same year, gives the latest date for the armour. This is the only surviving fragment of the second Hatton armour.