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Three-quarter armour

Three-quarter armour



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Formerly the property of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe and long preserved at Cotehele House, Cornwall.

Physical Description

Consists of cuirass, gorget, short cutlet of two lames, fauld of two lames, long tassets, poleyn, pauldrons, couters, and vambraces. The helmet and gauntlets are missing. The outer borders of all the main pieces are sunken and roped, the edges of the subsidiary lames being bordered by double lines. The sunken borders retain extensive traces of gilding, the edges of the lames having also been gilt as far as the double lines. The poleyns are ornamented with a design in the form of a double sunken chevron, also gilt. Brass capped rivets are used throughout. The gilt brass buckles on the gussets are original, the rest being restored as are all straps and leathers.


Weight: kg ( 18 lb 8 oz ) Measurements: • Around the cuirass, horizontally, at level of lower gusset (ie under the armpit): 80cm • Around the cuirass, horizontally, at level of waist (slightly deep-bellied): 87cm • From top lame of gorget vertically to the level of the poleyns: 80cm

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