Object Title

Cartridge pouch

Cartridge pouch



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Formerly in the Old Tower Collection (XV.820) Transferred to the British Museum in 1913, returned in 1954.

Physical Description

The box is of brown leather tooled all over with a checked design. The outer body is of parallelogram shape with belt loops on the back, bottom and sides. There was originally a leather flap, now mostly decayed. Inside are 12 tinplate tubes in four rows of three, held in place by two brass rivets. These metal tubes hold paper tubes covered with green paper divided into two compartments by a central partition. The mouth of each paper tube is re-inforced by an internal ring of tinplate.


Dimensions: The length of the object is 140 mm, its height being 125 mm. Weight: The weight of the object is 0.605 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

On one outer face is Cx2 over 393 in white paint and on the opposite side a paper label printed with the number 820.


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