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Close helmet

Close helmet



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Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

It comprises a skull with a nape-lame, a skull-reinforce, a visor and a bevor with nape-lame. Due to the shape of the visor, it is known as a 'sparrows' beak' helmet. The visor and bevor are secured by a pivot at either side of the brow. The bevor is attached to the skull by a swivel-hook. The sight is formed by a gap between the lower edge of the brow-reinforce and the upper edge of the visor. There are numerous breathing holes below the 'beak' flange of the visor.



OverallHeight285 mm
OverallWeight3.52 kg
OverallWidth172 mm

Bibliographic References

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The single gorget plate at front and rear, are both associated and are of mid to late 16th century date.