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Sword - Hanger

Sword - Hanger



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Presented by Messrs Gaunt, 1956.

Physical Description

The hilt consists of a cast brass (copper-alloy) hound-head pommel, with separate brass tang button. Into the pommel is pegged the upper end of flat-sectioned knuckle-bow that has opposed solid scrolls at its centre. The latter is made to form a rear quillon with rolled terminal which supports, on the outside, a shell-guard inclined towards the blade and, inside the hand, a smaller shell-guard inclined towards the pommel. The shell-guards are of steel, pierced with a series of slots and round holes, the edges of indented. Old wooden, fabric-covere,d grip with a ferrule with indented edge towards the pommel. There is a thin lether buff-piece between the hilt and blade. The parts of the knuckle-guard and rear quillon immediately either side of the grip are decorated with incised decoration comprising a pair of longitudinal lines flanked by pairs of opposed diagonal lines.
The two-edged blade is straight and has three, short, narrow fullers rising at the hilt. The central fuller is the longer and extends for approx. 250 mm. (10 in) and the two flanking fullers extend for 115 and 130 mm (4 1/2 in. and 5 in.). The blade is stamped twice on each face of the blade, either side of the fuller, with the' crescent moon' mark
The blade is now severly corroded and appears to pre-date the hilt.

The whole sword badly corroded, parts of both shell guards missing.





BladeLength830 mm
BladeWidth50 mm
OverallLength985 mm
OverallWeight765 g

Inscriptions and Marks

'Crescent Moon' mark, possibly that of Juan Martinez, of Toledo
On both faces of the blad, twice (either side of fullers).
a mark comprising a circle with two spurs on opposing sides and between them a U with the tops of the arms curving outwards (drawing on Marks Cards in Curators' office).
On the blade, approx. 150 mm (6 in. ) from hilt, twice on each side,


Bibliographic References

Anthony R E North, 'Brass mounted hangers from the Hounslow sword-mill', Journal of the Antique Metalware Society, 13, June 2005, pp. 24-27, at p. 25, fig. 5.


This Inv. No. is included on a list (filed at the front of the first class IX IBE vol.) of class IX objects disposed of in November 1965: 'Cross hilted Sword.'. This may be a mistake as IBE states that the present IX.26 was presented by Messrs Gaunt in 1956; however, since the present sword is not the one described in ffoulkes 'Inventory...' (1912), p. 265, it is more likely that the number was made available for re-allocation after the 1965 disposal and that there was a delay in placing some of the Gaunt material on inventory (PJL, 14/08/1997).
A card on the inv. file records the following conservation work carried out by AD (Arthur Davies) on 02/04/1969: 'Piece of shell broken off glued back with Araldite'.