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Tower arsenal, sent on loan 184 to South Africa in 1920 and returned to the Armouries on 15/7/1991.

Physical Description

It has a raised neck-opening, medial keel and waist which dips to a 'V'-shaped point and has a flange at the waist. The edges at the neck-opening and arm-openings have plain inward turns. At either side of the chest near the arm-opening was originally a small mushroom-headed stud for the attachment of the shoulder strap, the left one now missing. At either side of the waist was originally a downward pointing hook of flattened section with outwardly turned lower end, for retention of the waist strap. The hook is stepped at the upper end to form an ovoid plate secured to the breastplate by a flattened rivet. The left hook is missing, part of the rivet remaining.

To the left of the medial keel there is a proof test mark.

A crude pair of holes of indeterminate function but possibly wiring holes has been punched at either shoulder, and additionally a hole below either mushroom stud. There is also a hole at the right side of the waist at the arm-opening and waist flange, and on the left side at the flange, though the lower corner of the arm opening appears damaged and may also have been punched with a hole. The outer hole at each shoulder has broken out, the left to the rear edge, the right to the turned edge.

It is painted black externally.


Dimensions: Max. Height: 35.8 cm (14.1 in), Max. Width: 37 cm (14.55 in) Weight: 4.12 kg (9 lb 1.25 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Below the neck opening to the left of the medial keel is a possible mark. On the inside rear edge is painted in white paint: L65/879. On the inside on the left above the flange is painted in red paint: L65/809. On the inside to the left of the keel is painted in yellow paint: 3298 repeated to the right of the keel in white paint.


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