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Old Tower stock, sent on loan 184 to South Aftrica in 1920 and returned to the Armouries on 15/7/91

Physical Description

Shaped to the shoulder blades with a wide neck and a straight waist. The main edges of the neck and arms have file-roped inward turns, that of the lower edge has a plain inward turn. At the point of the left shoulder is a later trapezoid single-ended buckle secured with a flattened rivet, for the shoulder strap. At the point of the right shoulder is a 'D' shaped buckle with slightly waisted plate, secured with a flattened rivet. At the upper edge above each buckle is a crude wiring hole. On the left side above the lower edge is a flattened rivet with internal square washer for securing the waist strap. On the right side is a similar rivet. Below the arm on each side is a crude wiring hole.
It is painted silver externally.


Dimensions: Max. Height: 35.2 cm (13.9 in), Max. Width: 37.8 cm (14.9 in) Weight: 1.19 kg (2 lb 9.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted in white paint on the inside under the left arm is: L65/892 repeated on the inside lower centre in very worn red paint. Some additional numbers above in yellow paint have been almost worn away. On the outside right edge, now covered in silver paint, is: 3744


Places Germany