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Old Tower stock, sent on loan 184 to South Africa in 1920 and returned to the Armouries on 15/7/91.

Physical Description

Of heavy metal, with a wide neck-opening, medial keel and a waist which dips slightly to a 'V'-shaped point. At either side of the chest near the arm-opening is a pierced ovoid hole to receive the peg from the breastplate. This was secured by a hook on the inner side of the hole, thickened towards the base which is flattened into a circular plate articulating on a flattened rivet with small circular internal washer. At either side of the waist the rear edge has a square cutout to receive the peg from the breastplate, secured by a similar hook to that on the breast but lacking a washer.

Down the medial keel inside and outside are five small circular indents.

A proof test mark has been repaired with a welded internal circular brass plate.

It is externally bright.


Dimensions: Max. Height: 33 cm (13 in), Max. Width: 34.6 cm (13.6 in) Weight: 2.72 kg (5lb 15.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Externally above the right ovoid hole is stamped a crowned 'CR' Inside on the lower edge to the right of the keel is painted in yellow paint flecked with red: H7073 Inside on the lower edge to the left of the keel is painted in faded red letters: L65/886 with above it, painted in red: TOWER LOAN


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