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Close helmet

Close helmet



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Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

The skull has a low comb and a deep reinforcing plate on the brow, with a cusped rear edge. The visor is solid, of 'sparrow's beak' form with a point at the front and a slope above it to the sight. Both sides are pierced with breaths, and there is a single sight. The lower edge of the sight is roped, and the upper edge of the visor is cusped. The bevor has a square cut-out at the centre of its upper edge, and is secured to the skull by a swivel hook and pierced stud at the right. It has a reinforce riveted to the upper centre, with a roped upper edge, designed so that the lower edge of the visor fits inside it when closed. There are double gorget plates at the front and rear, those at the rear restored.


Dimensions: height 300 mm (11.9 in); width 190 mm (7.5 in) Weight: 2800 g (6 lb 3 oz)

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