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Lever mace

Lever mace



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Physical Description

Large, heavy head, consisting of six flanges each cusped twice to form three spikes. Alternate flanges have pyramidical tips to these. Above and below and adjacent to the flanges are two thick hexagonal plates, each end. A short neck below is finished with a boldly roped rondel, the whole surmounted by a thick diamond-section spike. The neck is secured by a flat-headed nail on each of two opposite sides. The wooden haft is reinforced with four steel strips: one strap has 6 flat nails, the strap opposite has 7; one strap consists of a short section with three nails and a long section with 8; opposite the strap consists of a short section of 4 nails and one of 10.
There are 2 damage holes spread over 2 of the faces. The flattened butt of the haft is drilled (for a spike?)


Dimensions: Overall length: 1892 mm, length of head and spike: 470 mm Weight: 11 lbs 9 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

The underside of the lowest hexagonal plate has a squared U


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

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These weapons were on display in the Spanish Armoury where they were known as Danish or Saxon clubs. Transferred from Class VIII.1