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From the Norton Hall Collection No247 Presented by the National Art Collections Fund 1942.

Physical Description

Plain single edged blade, the back curving towards the edge and having a short double edged region at the point. There are simple lines and crosses filed at either end of the back. The bolster is of silver embossed with foliage. straight facetted hilt of silver, alternate facets embossed with foliage inside a pearled border. The pommel is a stylised bird's head that shows traces of parcel gilding. The scabbard is of wood overlayed with heavy sheet silver extravagently embossed with flowers and plants in shaped frames. There is a small suspension loop fastened to the back edge. The mouth and chape are gilded, the latter ending in a monster's head.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 170 mm, the overall length of the dagger being266 mm. The scabbard is 220 mm. Weight: The weight of the dagger is 0.1 kg, the weight of the scabbard being 0.05 kg.


Places Turkey