Object Title

Match fired combination pollaxe and gun

Match fired combination pollaxe and gun



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Hammer-head with four prongs projecting forward from the face, the interserces each forming a chevron with, opposite, a fluke with convex upper edge. The neck of the hammer has triple moulding and expands to the rear, which is banded, as is the rear of the fluke. There is a central spike of diamond section. The base of the spike is pattened on each face with a panel of inscribed herringbone designs, the panels on each flatter face drawn up to form a point. Below the spike is a moulding, while the neck has an incised spiral pattern. The central block has a diamond-shaped rivet hole on one side, round on the other. The plain socket has a strap each side, with lateral decorative incised diagonally lined strip at the top of each side, and a flat rivet on each strap. The socket ends in a roped ferrule, the strap continuing as a langet secured by four flattened domed rivets
A short gun-barrel is fitted to the end of the haft; this had a pivoted pan-cover, now missing, the muzzle being externally threaded for a removable ferrule. It is secured by two langets each with two flat rivets, one now broken from the barrel





BarrelLength10 inches
BarrelLength254 mm
OverallLength61 inches
OverallLength1777 mm
OverallWeight3.85 kg


Serial Number None Visible


.470 in


Possibly one of the weapons listed in the Inventory of 1547 as 'Pole axes wt gonnes in thendes XXVII' and again in 1688 as 'Spa Pole Axes with Pistolls... 6 at 12s apce'.