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Tower arsenal, sent on loan 184 to South Africa in 1920 and returned to the Armouries on 15/7/1991.

Physical Description

With a raised neck and narrow flange at the waist. All main edges have inward turns. At each shoulder is a restored shoulder strap secured by a rectangular plate with double cusped rear edge and two flattened rivets. Each strap has three scales of irregular square form each attached to a later leather strap by two flattened rivets. A rectangular terminal plate pierced by two longitudinally placed keyhole slots is attached by two flattened rivets at its top end. The terminal plate narrows at the bottom to a rough point at which there is an externally flush rivet for the attachment of a prehensible leather tab by means of which the keyhole slot was fitted over a stud on the breastplate. A fragment of leather remains on the left strap. At the right shoulder beneath the shoulder strap and two crudely pierced wiring holes connected by a strand of twisted wire.
At either side of the waist is a modern waist strap secured by two flattened rivets, the left strap fitted with a 'D' shaped brass buckle.
It is painted black externally and rough from the hammer internally. The paint has flaked off in places, especially around the edges of the arm.


Dimensions: Max. Height: 37.3cm (14.7in), Max. Width: 34.5cm (13.6in) Weight: 1.75kg (3lb 13.5oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped B for the maker and crowned IR. Painted in white paint along the inside right edge below the arm is: L65/878b, repeated in red paint inside above the flange.


Places England