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about 1700

Object Number



purchased from Sotheby's, fast sale (FS26AA), 12 January 1982, lot 301.

Physical Description

Hilt: silver, of conventional form, comprising pommel, knuckle guard with quillon and arms of the hilt, shell guard and grip.

Pommel: (Norman, type 88) having a corona of acanthus tips in relief around the tang button and the remainder is clasped in longitudinal ribs resembling daisy petals, all on a matted ground.

Knuckle guard and shell guard: decorated en-suite with the pommel.

Grip: wood, spirally bound with silver wire in a coarse herringbone alternating with a fine twist.

Blade: hollow triangular section. On the inside a deep fuller commences 165 mm (6.5 in) from the hilt. The forte on all sides is etched with lines of foliage, strapwork and grotesque masks.


Dimensions: Overall length: 902 mm (35.5 in), blade length: 737 mm (29 in) Weight: 14.5 oz



for similarly decorated hilts see 'The Rapier and Small Sword', Norman, p 384, column 1.