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purchased form Arbour Antiques, Stratford on Avon, August 1982.

Physical Description

Hilt: silver, originally fire-gilt all over, of conventional form comprising pommel; integral knuckle guard, quillon, arms of the hilt and sleeve; shell guard; grip.

Pommel: squat ovoid form (Norman, type 88) decorated with human figures in relief against a matted ground framed in scrolls and foliage in low relief in reserves of bright metal.

Knuckle guard: at the centre of the bow is a human figure with scroll-work above and below. On the inner and outer faces of the sleeve are human figures within a scroll-work framing. The globular quillon finial has relief acanthus and scroll-work decoration extending slightly back along the quillon and is downturned and angle slightly outwards. The arms are quite pronounced.

Shell guards: slightly asymmetrical. On the outer shell, facing the hand, is the head of a beaded man wearing a brimmed hat. At the centre of the rims are boys heads flanked by scrolls.

Grip: wood, barrel shaped, bound with fine silver wire of two gauges in twists in opposite directions. Two wire Turk's head ferrules are fitted.

Blade: hollow ground, triangular section, commencing wide at the hilt and tapering to the point (portion missing). Line etching/engraving near the hilt of panels of strapwork and foliage, now badly rubbed.


Dimensions: Overall length: 838 mm (33 in), blade length: 673 mm (26.5 in), blade width: 29 mm (1.125 in) Weight: 396 gm (14 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Knuckle guard: struck with two letters, just below the centre on the inside face: the first being possibly an 'I' and the second 'R'.Shell guard: on the inside face of outer shell, the letters 'IR'


Bibliographic References


L Southwick, 'Some silver-hilted swords by London makers in the Royal Armouries', Royal Armouries Yearbook, 6, 2001[b], pp. 32-54, at pp. 38-9, fig. 8. NOT YET EXTRACTED.


The maker's mark is probably that of Joseph Reason (Grimwade, no 1611), registered as a small worker 17th June, 1720. He was free of the Cutlers Company by reason of service to Daniel Wilson, 13th April 1697, and registered his first mark probably at that time. His address was Bourlay (Burleigh) Street, Strand. See also (Grimwade no 2304). INF. FROM SOUTHWICK 2001 A & B STILL TO BE ENTERED.
For another sword by the same maker, see IX.2555