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Hanger and scabbard

Hanger and scabbard



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The sword was offered for sale at Sotheby's, 17 November 1981, lot 160 (illus. in cat.). It was bought in and was subsequently purchased by the Armouries.

Physical Description

Silver hilt retaining traces of gold wash and consisting of cap pommel and straight quillons. The round terminal of the front quillon is set towards the pommel, that of the rear towards the blade. The pommel is cast with decoration in the form of a sun-burst and pierced with bead-work. The quillons are cast with a line of beads, the terminals with pierced scrolls, and the quillon block with pierced decoration in the form of symetrical volute scrolls, surrounding beads. Attached to the pommel is a ring for the missing chain-guard. Between the quillons and blade is a silver washer. Writhen grip of green-stained horn: there is a small damaged area on the outside, by the pommel.

Slightly curved, single-edged blade with a false edge for 197 mm (7 3/4 in) from the spear point. Each side has a wide central fuller and a narrower fuller at the back.

Wooden scabbard covered with brown leather, tooled with lozenge pattern. Steel chape with a decoratively cusped upper edge backed by two double line engraved bands. The locket is missing.


Dimensions: Sword: Overall length: 749 mm (29 1/2 in), blade length: 604 mm (23 3/4 in), blade width: 25.4 mm (1 in), Scabbard: Overall length: 607 mm (23 7/8 in) Weight: Sword: 335 gm (13 oz), Scabbard: 65.05 gm (3 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt, on the washer between the quillons and blade, on side towards hilt, stamped: the Sterling standard mark. (CHK AGAIN for LOND. MK.)



The decoration is of the same type as on the small-sword, IX.3782, on which the gilding is more complete; it bears a date letter, probably for 1774/5, and belongs to a group of similar swords which bear date letters in the late 1770s (PJL 26/06/1995).