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First registered on return from loan to South African Cultural History Museum (their no. L65/86), Cape Town, South Africa, Loan No.L184, on 16/07/1991.

Physical Description

Cast brass hilt. Pommel in form of lion's head with naturalistic mane, and with pierced lug between its teeth supporting a loose ring. Grip with diagonal, decorative bands of scallop shells. Straight quillons with spatulate terminals decorated in the form of a leaf with a central lobe, and the quillon block extending to form double langets, and decorated with a central floral motif.

Curved, single-edged blade, with short ricasso, and a broad fuller by the back extending for about two thirds of the total length.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: pierced lug in pommel lacks loose ring. Minor nicks to forward edge of blade.

Inscriptions and Marks

On rear quillon, on side towards blade, engraved: 'No 4'.


Places Britain


For an illustration of this Type, see Kent Sales, Special Sale Supplement, 175, 16th August 1991, Lot 17 (plates are unnumbered). Very similar to band sword type C, but latter has slightly thinner grip and smaller lion's head with 'stylised' mane.