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First registered on return from loan to South African Cultural History Museum (their No. L65/856), Cape Town, South Africa, Loan No.L184, on 16/07/1991.

Physical Description

Brass hilt consisting of stirrup-guard; tapered rear quillon with disc finial inclined towards the blade; back-piece made in one with the beaked pommel. Ribbed wooden grip shaped to the hand, covered with leather and with a brass ferrule towards the blade. Curved, single-edged blade, with a narrow fuller near the back extending from the hilt for approx. three quarters of the length of blade.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: Rear quillon bent sharply towards blade, but this may be a standard variation for this Type (cf IX.3725). Small patches of grip leather missing. Extreme tip of blade bent over.

Inscriptions and Marks

No visible marks.


Places Britain


A number of these swords, which do not apparently conform to any British regulation pattern, are in store and on loan; they presumably formed part of the Old Tower Collections. Other examples in the Royal Armouries are: IX.2680-2683; IX.2704-2706; IX.3724; 3725; and 6506-6515. The last sequence of 10 were noted in the initial sort of swords in the Brick Tower in 1982-83 where it was suggested they might be light cavalry swords and they were designated as 'Misc. (Cavalry) type G' (LUI 23/12; VTR/BT/Swds, p. 116 - but the blades seem too short for cavalry use, PJL).