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First registered on return from loan to South African Cultural History Museum (their no.L89/8), Cape Town, South Africa, Loan No.L184, on 16/07/1991.

Physical Description

3-bar hilt. Variations, losses, damage, etc: Nickel or chrome-plated hilt (plating worn). On band of wire binding of grip has on strand loose and one missing. Flat-backed blade with relief etched decoration, which includes, inside, the royal arms and a flaming bomb, and, outside, an illegible monogram (see also Marks).

Inscriptions and Marks

On inside of ricasso: 'HOBSON & SONS / - 3-5 - / [LE]XINGTON ST / LONDON W.'.On outside of ricasso: in the centre of an ettched, six-pointed star, a brass inset proof mark: 'P' encircled above and to sides by 'PROVED' with a dot below.


Places Britain


For this pattern generally, see B. Robson, 'Swords of the British Army...', London, 1975, pp.67, 68 (Pls 63, 64), 151, 152 (Pl.166), 153. W.E. May and P.G.W. Annis, 'Swords for Sea Service', London, 1970, Vol.II, p. 285, record the firm of Hobson & Sons at Lexington Street between 1887 and 1967. 'Ibid'., p.340 gives this design of proof mark (line sketch only) for Hobson & Sons, with the same form of address, and possibly also for S.J. Pillin.