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Armour (chihal'ta hazar masha)

Armour (chihal'ta hazar masha)



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Purchased 1 April 1990.

Physical Description

The coat is full length, opening down the front, with four deep, flaring skirts. At either shoulder is a large, scalloped shoulder defence. Th coat is reinforced across the chest with panels of etched and gilt copper, the central areas formed of scales. The are two small panels, at either side of the centre, larger panels with cutout for the arms (the left one detached), and a large panel at the centre of the back. The remainder of the coat is reinforced with brass rivets in a foliate diaper, interspersed with large gilt copper rivets with washers. At the centre of either shoulder is a sun formed of a large central gilt boss surrounded by rays. The coat is made of layers of coarse cotton, originally covered with beige silk and with borders of blue-green silk, and retains traces of its blue silk lining.


Dimensions: overall heght 107 cm (42 in)

Inscriptions and Marks



Compare a coat in the Victoria and Albert Museum, illustrated in S. Z. Haider, 'Islamic arms and armour from Muslim India', Lahore, 1991, pl. 17, called a 'hazagand' or 'zirih hazar maikhi'.