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Pikeman's pot

Pikeman's pot



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Old Tower stock, sent on loan 184 to South Africa in 1920, returned to the Armouries on 15/7/91

Physical Description

The helmet is made in two parts, joined in a low comb, widening at the crown and turned to the left. The brim is joined by an externally flush rivet and by a lining rivet at the rear and by a replacement externally flattened rivet and a lining rivet at the front. It is broad and curves down at either side. There is a crude wiring hole at the front of the brim each side of the seam below the skull.
The main edge is inwardly turned over wire with a sunken border containing twenty domed lining rivets with square internal washers. The base of the skull is encircled by twenty two domed lining rivets. One rivet at each side retains a square washer and a second on the left a hexagonal washer, each with traces of the leather which held the missing cheekpieces. At the rear a plume holder is attached by two domed rivets.

The outside and inside are painted black; some of this has blistered and flaked on the outside.


Dimensions: Height: 22.8 cm (9 in), Width: 25.5 cm (10 in), Depth: 42.7 cm (16.8 in), Bowl: , Border: cm ( in)

Inscriptions and Marks

The left side of the outer front is deeply stamped with a barely legible 'IR'. On the inside of the rear of the brim is painted: on the left, in white paint: 3721, crossed out in yellow. on the right, in white paint: L65/874, and repeated in yellow, where the 8 looks like a 6.


Places England