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Presented by Messrs Gaunt, 1956

Physical Description

Hilt: Gilded bronze; the pommel in the form of an eagle's head with an extension at the rear to form a backstrap to the grip; the knuckle guard of stirrup form and creating a semi basket hilt with four 'S'-shaped members which connect it with a large sun in splendour within a slightly oval cartouche on the outside and which is connected at its base to the stool by a short, wide, strap. On the inside, a similar strap has a looped extension to the root of the rear quillon and a forward arm linking it to the knuckle guard, together forming an inner shell guard. The grip is leather covered wood bound with two strands of twisted copper wire to create a herringbone pattern. A lower ferrule is fitted which embraces the foot of the backstrap descending from the pommel.

Blade: slightly curved, single edged with blued and gilt etched decoration at the forte with a sun in splendour and twig patterns.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1016 mm (40 in), blade length: 871 mm (34.3 in) Weight: 1047 gm (2 lb 5 oz)


Places France