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about 1807

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Bowyer Tower, Bay 2 (1991)

Physical Description

It has a deep cut-out at the neck, shallow arm-openings and a medial ridge terminating just above the inward-angled waist, which has a flange that deepens to a point at its centre. The neck, arm-openings, the sides and the waist-flange have plain, inward-turns. The edges were originally bordered by thirty four large brass rivets of which the two at each shoulder were of flat-headed form, and the remainder are of low round-headed form. The inner rivet at each shoulder is now missing, as are two at the centre of the neck, one towards the lower end of each arm-opening and one at each side. The surviving rivets have roughly-cut circular internal washers. At either side of the chest is riveted an asymmetrical mushroom-shaped brass stud, to engage the shoulder-straps of the backplate. the right stud is missing. The upper right central portion of the breastplate is broken away. Bright with extensive pitting.


Dimensions: Height: 38.5 cm ( 15.1 in), Width: 37.9 cm ( 14.9 in), Weight: 2.98 kg ( 6 lb 9 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped around the top of the central rivet of the waist-flange 'ZUDERELL PARIS'.


Places France