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Hilt: brass, originally gilded, consisting of an oval pommel, angular stirrup knuckle guard extended to form a downturned rear quillon. Two shield shaped ecusson are fitted, the outer one insribed:
'LE MINISTRE / DE LA GUERRE / a la 3e Comp'e / de la 19'e 1/2 / Brige'
and on the inner:
'MANUFACTURE A VERSAILLES' and 'BOUTET' in a rectangular panel along with two other marks.

Blade: single edged slightly curved with a wide fuller on each side. The back is inscribed:
and both sides decorated with lightly etched patterns, formerly gilt.


Places France


This sword is one of a series presented by the French Minister of War to the men of the 3rd company of the 19th demi-Brigade. They were made at the Versailles arms factory under the direction of Nicholas Noel Boutet, Directeur artiste before the year VIII of the revolution.
see also IX.475