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Physical Description

Cut-down haft


Places Netherlands

Bibliographic References

F. Wilkinson, Those entrusted with arms..., London, Greenhill Books and Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2002, p. 223, fig. 14.10 (head).


This is one of a group of similar halberds in the collection: the others are VII.1099-1105, VII.1322, VII.1562. Some have a coat of arms (all may originally have had them) which has been identified as the arms of Rotterdam (see correspondence on inv. file). VII.1098 and VII.1099 have blades of a slightly different form from the others (this to be checked- PJL).
In the caption to his illustration, Wilkinson (2002) describes this example as 'of the type carried by Javelin Men...'. In view of the arms on the blades of some of this type (see above) this seems a little improbable, unless they were bought second hand for issue to javelin men. (PJL).