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1871-1899 (dated 1891)

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Physical Description

The hilt, of steel, consists of a very short grip and long quillons with elongated acorn-shaped terminals, a knukcle guard and alarge oblted spherical pommel. The grip, quillons and knuckle guard are wrapped with red cloth and bound with blue and yellow string.
The blade is slightly curved and of flattened hexagonal section and is marked with lines of decorative puned dots, including the inscription: 'JACA TONI HASSAN'.



Dimensions: Overall length: 825 mm (32 1/2 in.), Blade length: 720 mm (25 3/8 in.) Weight: 1020 g (2lb 4 oz)


Places Spain


Jaca, Aragon, is a city in Northeastern Spain in the Pyrenees.
Toni Hassan was presumably both the owner and one time user of the sword.
Such swords are used in the third and final stage of the bullfight, the 'tercio de muerte' ('the third of death'). The matador manoeuvres the bull into a position to stab it between the shoulder blades through the aorta or heart. The sword is called 'estoque de verdad ('true sword') and the act of thrusting the sword is called an 'estocada'.