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Not recorded in IBE. From Tower Arsenal?

Physical Description

Decorated with grotesque figures on the lower edge of the axe blade. Long, tapering spear-blade of hollow, diamond section. Axe-blade with concave cutting edge, reinforced at its tips, the upper and lower edges decorated with grotesque figures. The fluke formd as two sea-monsters, their heads to the socket, their adjoined tails forming a spike. The upper section of the socket square and pierced for side lugs, now missing; the lower hexagonal. The head, apart from the upper section of the spear, is decorated with incised patterns. Long langets, a silk tassel at the top of the modern haft (the silk tassel is no longer on the object - see Notes).


Dimensions: Overall length: 2670 mm (105 3/16 in.), Length of head: 27 in, Length of langets: 18.5 in., Max. width of hilt (blade to fluke): 240 mm (9 1/2 in.)


Places Germany


The silk tassel, described in the Typed Inventory, was not on the object at 06/10/03 and is not shown in the photo, neg. no. A6/37 (taken 30/04/69); it is probably lost - PJL (see e-mail exchange with Alex Flinn, October 2003, on inv. file).