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Found in New Armouries Attic, south, 30/01/1991. Probably made in the Royal Armouries workshops, about 1980.

Physical Description

Of yellow-stained buff leather. The main belt has an oval brass buckle attached by a steel clasp with two rivets at one end, and two holes for the buckle near the other end. Towards the buckle end an elongated triangular piece of leather is stitched at its narow end to the underside of the belt, and the wide end bifurcates to form two tabs. To each tab is stitched a wedge-shaped piece of leather, the end of each of which is looped under and stitched to itself, thus forming two loops for the sword scabbard. To the underside of the forward loop is stitched a short piece of leather, the other end of which is butt-stitched to the lower edge of the main belt, near the buckle.


Dimensions: Length of belt: 1195 mm (47 in), width of belt: 38 mm (1.5 in), depth, rear corner of rear loop to upper edge of belt: 315 mm (12.4 in)


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

Inf. T. Richardson: This belt is worn on the cuirassier armour II.140, supporting the sword IX.51, in [P. Hammond] Royal Armouries Official Guide, London, 1986, p.43.