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Helmet (suji kabuto)

Helmet (suji kabuto)



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Acquired from the Rowntree Collection, 1964.

Physical Description

The bowl is of 62 russet iron plates of heichozan shape, the plates being very slightly curved between the suji. The bowl is rather squat and broad with the shiten no byo rather pointed, situated slightly higher than the mid point of the bowl on plates 10 and 25. To the front is rivetted a rather broad convex peak in russet iron bordered by an engraved shakudo fukurin. There is no haraidate, instead there is a small brass tsunomono fasted to the front plate. At the apex of the bowl is a very small three stage tehen kanamono of brown patinated alloy whilst at the back is a kasajirushi no kan in the same metal.
Attached to the koshimaki is an O manju shikoro of three black lacquered plates, sugake laced in dark blue silk. On the hishinui ita is a row of uname toji and a single row of cross-knots in red silk. The fukigayeshi are black lacquered, bordered by a shakudo fukurin and decorated with a gilt mon in the form of a sand bar in a circle.
The interior of the bowl is black lacquered and is fitted with a dark blue hemp lining sewn onto a black lacquered iron ring that fits against the koshimaki. The signature is engraved on the backplate. This helmet is fitted with a 'Saotome washer' at the apex of the front plate which is double.


Dimensions: Height: 280mm; width: 360mm; depth: 420mm Weight: The helmet weighs 3.05 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Signed 'Joshu ju Saotome Ietada'


Saotome Ietada is described by Kei Kaneda Chappelear 1987 ''Japanese Armor Makers for The Samurai'', Miyoshi, Tokyo as being several generations who started working in the late Momoyama period.