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Not recorded in IBE

Physical Description

Tapered double-edged blade, the upper edges narrowing to a point. The base extends into two pairs of pointed wings, the upper pair inclined towards the blade, the lower pair inclined away. Between the two is a pair of wavy 'flaming' wings. Below the lower wings are two small lugs above an annular and flattened oval moulding. Variations, losses, damage, etc: fitted with the haft of a British Sergeant's spontoon (Royal Armouries type 1792-1830).


Dimensions: Length of head: 400 mm (15.75 in), length of langets: 229 mm (9 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

Blade inscribed 'P. ------- L.' (for 'P. BON. L.'?)


Places France


This and other similar partizans (including VII.264 - VII.331) appear to be of French origin, later adopted for use by the British Regular Army or the Militia or Fencibles or Volunteers. Some of the heads have been removed from the original hafts, the base of the socket being threaded to fit the socket of the haft of a British 19th-century spontoon (Royal Armouries type 1792-1803) on which they are now mounted.

Partizans VII.256, VII.1192-VII.1201 and VII.1315 also belong to this group. See also VII.1362 engraved with the royal arms of France.